MY STYLE: My number one goal for any wedding is to photographically capture a couple’s individuality and true love. Each wedding is an expression of a couple’s personalities and commitment to a lifetime together, and I aim to capture that unique love story as naturally as possible, so that the photos are a true representation. I typically will give some light guidance when it comes to posing, to make sure to get everyone’s “good side,” but I am careful not to over direct. I want to capture you, your poses, your mannerisms, your natural beauty, your personality. When you look back at the photos I want you to see those special moments, not a posed photo shoot session.

Ultimately, I strive to capture honest and simple images that best depict the individual beauty of each couple so that while feeling modern, the photos will remain classic and timeless. I do a slight adjustment on each of my photos while post processing, nothing extreme just adding a little love and pop to each one. I don’t want to put too much of a “trendy” look that will be dated within the next year… classic and clean is what I aim for. Oh, and we will get some rockstar images of your guests on the dance floor as well, those are always in style.

WHY THIS JOB: I am very even brained, left and right. I always excelled in math and science while still being someone who thinks creatively and outside the box. I’m also a pretty major extrovert, so in searching for a niche where I could use logic, creativity, and artistry while getting to meet and hang out with awesome people in the happiest moments of their lives… well that’s wedding photography in a nutshell. There is little more thrilling than spending a day raising up and celebrating a couple’s uniqueness, live and commitment.

WHY ME: Aside from your spouse and bridal party, your photographer will be the person you spend the most time with on the day of your wedding. I could try to find the perfect words to really portray my personality, but hey, book a client meeting to really find out what makes me unique. I’ll buy the drinks!